The Most Embarrassing Thing To Forget!

A new survey of 2,000 people looked into how forgetful we are

Forgetting someone’s name after being introduced to them is the most mortifying thing, according to new research.  The survey found that people find forgetting someone’s name more embarrassing than forgetting a partner’s birthday.


Participants were given a list of forgetful moments and asked to select which they would find the most embarrassing. The survey found that the average person draws a blank about six times a week, adding up to 332 forgetful moments per year.


The survey found that over half (56%) said that they consider themselves forgetful, with 66% saying that they have become more forgetful in the past 10 years.  45% of people admit that their age may have something to do with their forgetfulness.


Top forgetful moments experienced by People

Forget a password:51 percent

Forget things when I grocery shop: 51 percent

Misplace my keys: 49 percent

Forget what I went into a room for 49 percent

Forget people’s names after being introduced: 47 percent

Have a word on the tip of my tongue and not remember what it is: 46 percent

Walk into a room and forget why I’m there: 38 percent

Forget what day it is: 35 percent

Misplace cell phone: 35 percent

Forget words to songs: 35 percent