The Most Stressful Part Of Dining At A Restaurant, According To A New Survey

I have nothing to wear!!!!

While going out to eat might seem like a simple way to enjoy a meal, there is a new study that revealed that the entire dining out process, from choosing where to eat and what to wear, is actually quite stressful.

A new poll of 2000 people discovered that 65% felt overwhelmed when choosing what outfit to wear and one third believe choosing what to wear is more difficult than deciding what to order off the menu.

And people waist a lot of time deciding what to put on for a night out.  (46 percent) try on more than half of their closet trying to create the perfect outfit, and another 47 percent ask a friend for outfit advice because they feel so lost.

But while they’re stressed about what to wear, there’s a general consensus on what not to wear. Seventy-two percent agree they would never wear flip flops or sandals to a restaurant.

Here are more stresses that people have when dining out:

37% are concerns about damaging their outfits (worried about spilling food).  Having said that, those people will avoid wine bars and coffee because they’re are worried about potential stains on their clothes.

And 47% of people have no idea what to do to remove a coffee stain from their clothing. 

33% say that they struggle to find an outfit because they think their friends are incredibly stylish and feel pressure to keep up with them.

Overall, 32% are NOT confident in their own style- and 31% say they are worried that others won’t like their outfits!