The MudBuster, So Your Dog Won’t Track Dirt In Your House!

But will it work on kids?

The MudBuster Was Designed To Stop your Dog From Tracking Mud in the house, but will it work on Kids?

Dexas, a Texas-based designed and manufacturer, created MudBuster.  It’s a small little product that rinse your dogs dirty paws before they track dirt and mud into your house!

Kinda looks like a travel cup or container.  How it works, according to 

“You just add a little water into the container, and then take your dog’s paw and insert it into the silicone bristles. These bristles help loosen dirt and mud from the paw as you twist it in the container. After you dry your dog’s paw (and repeat the steps for the other three), you can clean the MudBuster by removing the lid and bristles, and rinsing the product.”

The MudBuster is available in different sizes depending on your dog!  The MudBuster has four-and-a-half stars on Amazon, with some seriously rave reviews. One dog mom wrote, “Best. Thing. Ever. This product works like a charm.