The Museum of Failure is a Real Thing

It Opens June 7th

Throughout history there have been many amazing inventions like the telephone, microwave, and electric can openers. There have also been some real duds. The Museum of Failure exists so we never forget those innovative failures. It’s in Sweden, where over 60 failed products are shown.

Some of the items on display include:

Colgate Lasagna

Everyone knows you can’t eat anything for at least 15 minutes after brushing your teeth. Colgate-anything-that’s-not-toothpaste is just a terrible idea.

Google Glass

These were all the rage for about one month before people realized they were actually a terrible idea.

Bic for Her 

Everyone knows women’s things need to be smaller, softer, more pink and frilly than the male equivalent.


Blockbuster went bust in 2010, thanks to companies like Netflix who shipped movies directly to people’s homes (and eventually offered a streaming service). There is still one Blockbuster in existence in Oregon. Follow them on twitter @loneblockbuster.

Coca-Cola BlāK

Coffee flavoured Coca-Cola. It’s no wonder this drink was only around for a couple of years: 2006-2008. It was first introduced in France before making its way to North America.