The New Dance Trend Of 2018 Is the Floss (Washing Machine) Dance!

Here's where it came from!

This year’s trends- The dab– and the ever so popular and very frustrating Floss (Washing Machine) dance…

Everyone is doing it, but most of us-can’t do it right! This dance requires a lot more coordination than the Macarena…

Here’s how to do it;

How to do the floss Put on some music!
Stand with your knees ever so slightly bent
Put your hands in fists
Place your arms, relaxed, at either side of your body
Begin to swing your arms left and right around your torso in the opposite direction to your hips
Keep doing it
Increase speed and bend knees occasionally for effect
After building confidence, you can also bring in other moves with your arms if desired, but this is not mandatory.

So where did this dance come from?

It came from a well known US Instagramer, 16-year-old Russell Horning who is also known as the backpack kid… The kid started doing it back in 2016 ….

Fans of the backpack kid started to copy his moves and the floss became his signature dance. Then in May 2017, Russell – who now has nearly 2 million Instagram followers – was invited on to Saturday Night Live to perform his dance alongside Katy Perry when she sang her tune Swish Swish.

If you’re you’re not a fan of the dance that makes you look like you’re flossing your nether regions- You can always go back to The Twerk?