The New Necessary When Hosting Gatherings This Year

Top Doctor’s Warn People To Keep Thanksgiving Dinner to Only The People You Live with….

It’s the new norm, social distancing, and having to reconsider everything every time we want to see people. It’s exhausting but Necessary!


Three in 10 adults will be taking their guests’ temperatures before entering their homes for holiday gatherings this year, according to new research.


With so much uncertainty still present around COVID-19, it’s no surprise that 7 in ten respondents in a new survey are stressed about hosting any type of gather. When we host we now feel this pressure to monitor guests’ health.


Six in ten say they intend to play it safe this holiday season by serving their guests’ food and drinks rather than allowing a more casual help-your-self situation.  


With all of these changes in mind, 40% of respondents are playing it safe and hosting a Thanksgiving video call this year rather than all gathering around the same table.


Respondents shared they would also prefer their extended family (37%) and older family members (40%) to celebrate with them this Turkey Day over a video call to ensure their safety.


64% of people are still planning on hosting Thanksgiving but with a much small gathering.  In fact, respondents shared they only feel comfortable hosting four members of their immediate family indoors this year.





  1. Maintaining social distancing of six feet as much as possible – 54%
  2. Making guest lists of who attends in case someone gets sick for easy contact tracing – 46%
  3. Only one person will serve guests food and drinks – 37%
  4. Taking guests’ temperature before entering – 30%
  5. Requiring RSVPs – 24%
  6. Only hosting events outside – 27%