The New Thing In Gift Giving Is Called “Wegifting”

Will you be Wegifting this year?

There’s a new term called “WEGIFTING”, and 74% of us have done it, according to a new survey.

“Wegifting” is when you buy someone a present that you ALSO fully plan on using.

For example, perhaps your husband bought a big screen and says its for you, but he also plans on using it!  Or perhaps a new coffee machine???


22% of people plan on giving at least one “wegift” this year.  And the most common person we give them to -is our partner or spouse.  Kids are next, followed by our mom, our siblings, and our friends.


55% of people in the survey said they’ve been the recipient of a “wegift” before.  And 35% said they’ve received something that the gift-giver seemed to use and enjoy more than they did.


The survey also found 62% of us consider ourselves to be excellent gift-givers.