The Not-So-Subtle Hints People Drop So Their Partner Will Pop The Question!

Persistence pays off!

A new survey finds that it takes 36 hints over the course of almost eight months for people to get their significant other to propose.


The survey of 2,000 engaged couples revealed 54% dropped hints to their partner encouraging them to propose, but it took some longer than others to pick up on it.


The most common hint  (59%) was revealed to be “accidentally” sending texts or emails with advertisements for rings.




  1. “Accidentally” sent texts or emails with advertisements for rings 59%
  2. Purposefully put on shows or movies about weddings (“Say Yes to the Dress”) to spark a conversation 45%
  3. Enlisted friends to begin a conversation about engagements 38%
  4. Left open tabs/websites about weddings 37%
  5. Gone shopping together and casually pointed out rings 31%
  6. Brought up a conversation about engagement rings 28%
  7. Talked about favourite styles of rings 26%
  8. Made clear the ring size that was needed 18%
  9. Outright said they wanted to get engaged 18%
  10. Talked or joked about being married in the future or referred to things that would happen “when we’re married” 11%