The Outlines To Reopen The Economy As Explained By Dale & Charlie

We break down the stages as if it were a relationship!

Premier Ford made the announcement Monday that they now have a plan to reopen our economy, when it’s safe to do so… While no specific details were given as to which business will be able to open first, they did unveil a 3 stage process…


A Framework for Reopening our Province is as follows, with each stage lasting at least two to four weeks.

  • Stage 1: Open select workplaces and allow some small gatherings.
  • Stage 2: Open more workplaces and outdoor spaces, and allow some larger gatherings.
  • Stage 3: Further relax restrictions on public gatherings and open all work places “responsibly.”



Vague right?  Dale and Charlie breakdown the 3 stages as if in a relationship to perhaps make this a little easier to understand!



Stage 1: That awkward first date stage… You’re a little nervous and not sure if you can touch anything yet.

Stage 2: Dating for a few weeks, and it’s time for your new squeeze to meet your friends… 

Stage: 3: You are now comfortable farting in front of your person…