The Puppuccinos Is Now The Cool New Thing For Your Fur Baby!

Because your dog deserves a treat too!

Let’s face it, you share with your pooch… You get a treat, they get a treat!  So when you head out for your next Starbucks, don’t forget to ask for a Puppuccino for your dog!

Apparently Starbucks offers a secret treat for fido! Its’ basically a cup of whipped cream.  One barista shared a video of her serving one to a dog through the drive-thru window and well, now everyone wants one!


One dog enjoyed his puppucinos so much that he got his nose stuck in the cup…

Here’s another video with a dog named Bear who clearly is a regular!

Of course, vets don’t recommend giving too much dairy to dogs as it can upset their stomachs so ask for a small cup and keep treats to a minimum.