The Quarter-Zip 90’s Fleece Is Back!

Some things are not meant to go out of style!

Some trends from the ’90s should probably stay in the ’90s like overalls and chokers, but there is a trend that is making its way back.


The quarter-zip fleece, worn with baggy jeans, Doc Martin’s or trainers was the uniform for the youth of the ’90s, and over the years the quarter-zip fleece evolved to be cool and trendy for hikers.

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, everything is on the table, including the welcome return of the quarter-zip fleece.

Perhaps because it’s kinda unflattering and no one cares what they look like right now.  Maybe it’s because everyone is taking walks in the fresh air to beat the Covid depression and the sweater is practical?


Whatever the case, they’re back, so why not embrace it.

Wear over jeans and Converse for your daily walk, with leather leggings and combat boots while working from home, or simply slip one on over your PJs on days when the heating is slow to kick in.