The Reminder That Could Save Your Life

Will your smoke alarms warn you in the case of a fire?

There have been a few house fires in our area recently, one of which was deadly.
So here are some questions that might save your life:

Do you have smoke alarms in your home?

If not, get them ASAP and install them properly. It’s the law!

Are your alarms installed in the right locations?

Make sure you don’t have them in the ‘dead air’ zone and make sure they’re in every sleeping area. Details HERE.

Are your batteries good?

If your alarms are chirping, change those batteries ASAP! If you haven’t changed the batteries in a while, change them for good measure.

Are your alarms still valid?

Smoke alarms expire! If you think the alarms are close to, or more than, 10 years old, replace them.
CLICK HERE for information from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs.

The smoke alarm could save your life by warning you in the case of a house fire and they are mandatory.

Have a Fire Escape Plan and practise it!


And, if you’re building your own home now, consider residential sprinklers.

Flickr/ Brandon Leon

I had a fire chief tell me recently that the OAFC have been advocating for over 15 years that residential sprinklers become mandatory in new builds. Sprinklers can stop the spread of the fire and reduce damage by 90%. They are not yet mandatory but, if you have a say on how your house is being built, you should have sprinklers installed.