The Rise and Fall of Bologna….

Yesterday was International Bologna Day…But we missed it. Here's why!

Dale & Charlie write a love letter to Bologna!


Sadly, the once go-to cold cut has become less popular over the years….Known as the crappy cousin to Mortadella is originated in Italy and it was during the great depression the cold cut became popular as an economical way to feed your family.  For millions in the 70’s and 80’s, bologna was the choice sandwich when Oscar Meyer created this commercial…

In the 90’s, we started to see sales in bologna fall slightly as more choices became available in the luncheon meat department.

Mortadella is bologna’s more expensive Italian ancestor with both meats supposedly made out of pork stomach- mortadella had more fat to it…Bologna was made with other ingredients like carageenans, water and milk proteins…Sometimes its make with bit of beef or beef-like blend. Let’s pace it- you’re eating random meat scraps soaked in recycled warm water… Yum!

According to the article,  “by the end of the 20th century, anti-bologna elitist “experts” concerned about “diabetes” and “obesity,” as well as potentially carcinogenic sodium nitrates, helped to bring the iconic cold cut down.”

Better quality cuisine became more affordable and accessible. People began to discover spices and new flavours, watching hot new cooking channels and taking pictures on social media. By 2016 the beloved bologna only made up 9.4 percent of all processed lunch meats. Ham made up 28% and turkey, 31.2%….