The Starks Reunite For Entertainment Weekly

Jon! Sansa! Arya! Bran!

There is just over a month until Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on HBO, and this week the surviving Stark children are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

It’s a little disconcerting to see them all re-united, to be honest. And smiling! But there are a few very important tidbits that can be picked up from the photos.

Jon Snow is wearing the Stark direwolf insignia on his armor now that he is the King in the North. It remains to be seen what he’ll wear when he finds out he’s a Targaryen. Arya is dressing like a Stark again, so we can assume she will make her return to Winterfell at some point this season (hopefully early on). Sansa’s attire seems to imply that she has been named the Lady of Winterfell. Smart move, Jon Snow.

Who else is counting the seconds until the premiere? See the rest of the photos here.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly