The Strange Way They Sell Homes in Australia

It's becoming more and more popular Down Under and is actually the only way to buy in some districts.

I’ve been watching an Australian TV show called Offspring. It’s a great show. In a couple episodes, the characters are shown buying houses and it was very strange. Instead of working with a realtor and making an offer, they do it completely differently.

They have a live auction!

The house is open for viewings for a set time and the auction date is listed. If you want to buy the house, you show up for the auction and bid! You get to see everyone else who wants the house and you need to outbid them if you want to win!
Check it out- here’s one example:


So, what do you think of this way of selling a house?
Apparently, they still work with realtors in Australia and make offers on houses like we do. But this auction method is becoming more popular and, indeed, is the only way to buy houses in certain districts.