It feels so good when you accomplish something, especially if its a little project that you weren’t sure you could pull off!

This is great timing, because we actually have time to do this stuff right now.  A new survey looked at the most satisfying do-it-yourself projects.  And the two categories that dominated were painting and yard work.


Here are the top ten.


1.  Planting things in your yard.

2.  Mowing the lawn.

3.  When IKEA furniture slots perfectly into place.

4.  Pulling weeds, because it immediately makes your property look better.

5.  Power-washing your patio, or the outside of your house.

6.  Painting with a roller.

7.  Hanging a picture so it’s perfectly level.

8.  Painting a fence.

9.  Putting on the FINAL layer of paint.

10.  Oiling a squeaky hinge.


A few more that made the top 20 include pulling wallpaper, getting a hedge perfectly trimmed, anything that involves hammering nails into wood, and demolition, like using a sledgehammer to smash down a wall.