Here's another way to use all that toilet paper!

Are you starting to go a little stir crazy? Although we are all doing it, social distancing is hard, routines are out of whack and staying physically active is also hard- but very important.

With most gyms shut down, running is still encouraged, but what if you can’t because you have to watch the kids?

Good news for you and all that toilet paper you just bought!

As many gym instructors are offering free personal training sessions online, there is one that is multi-functional.

A custom workout designed and shared by KaisaFit on Facebook shows how you can use TP to work towards you personal goals…

While the video pokes fun at customers who stocked up on enough toilet paper for a year and approaches the toilet paper shortage plaguing many stores in a lighthearted manner, the workout itself is no joke.  The video is a series of intense circuit moves that effectively utilize the bathroom essential.

The best part is if you break a sweat, you can use the toilet paper to wipe it away.

As you already know, staying fit and active is beneficial for your mental and physical health now more than ever.

Even a few minutes of exercise can improve brain function, reverse the effects of aging in the heart, and may even improve your memory.