The Toilet Timer! For Your Partner Who Spends Way Too Much Time In the Bathroom!

We all have a person like this in our lives!

If you have a partner, roommate, sibling who spends way too much time hogging the can, this might be the best gift for them-ever!

Its describe as the perfect gift for the long poo-crastinator in your life, the timer has an hourglass that counts down, giving them just five-minutes.

When the sand gets to the bottom, they’ll know their time is up so they’ll need to finish up!

What’s interesting about this hourglass timer, is that the time shows an image of a man sitting on the toilet and you can see the sanding going from the man’s bowel straight into the bowl.  Lovely!

Believe it or not, people want this.  After raising over $26,000 on Kickstarted, its creator has put it up for sale on Amazon.  You can choose a man on the can, a woman or Donald Trump!