The Top 10 Most Used Flirty Emojis In Honour Of World Emoji Day!

Why write how you feel when you can say it with an Emoji!

To celebrate the day. July 17th- you can also order a poo emoji cake…  Details

It’s hard to flirt online, good thing emoji’s are here to help. People appear to use a little picture to describe their feels rather than just saying it.

If you send a cheeky devil face to someone, the intention is pretty clear, especially if paired with a squirting water figure (for those not in the know, the innuendo is pretty dirty).

A survey was done by Seeking Arrangement, which is a dating site for people looking for a sugar daddy!  Among its 20 million members worldwide in honour of World Emoji Day and according to a new survey, there are certain characters that are more popular among online daters, compared to others.

Topping the list of flirty emojis is the winking kiss followed by crying while laughing face.

Happy smile with heart eyes takes the third spot. 

Here are the best flirty emojis to send your person or someone you’re after!

This fall, a new collection of emojis will be introduced including a flamingo, yawning face, a skunk, jukebox and a small penis emoji????