The Top-Searched Quarantine Trends On Pinterest

What have you been searching?

Now more than ever, people are turning to the web for creative ideas in an effort to stay entertained…

Pinterest, an image sharing and social media site, has gathered information on the trends that people have been searching for on its site from late February to late April in a four week period.

Here’s the top searches:


-Virtual sleepovers to help kids keeps up with their friends

-How to throw a fun kids’ birthday party while in lockdown

-Virtual field trips (visiting a zoo or botanical garden online)

-New Hobby or DIY project searches are way up!

-Free online workout classes

-Sidewalk chalk obstacle courses 

-How to deep clean your home

-How to do electric tape wall art

-How to make bread from scratch

-How to make collage wall prints

-DIY home maintenance tips

-Outdoor deck Reno ideas/ backyard Renos

-Garden ideas

-How to make homemade fettuccine noodles

-How to make beef ramen noodle recipes