The Tragically Hip Are Suing Mill Street Brewery Company!

They are suing the company for using their likeness

The hip has launched a lawsuit against Mill Street Brewery for using their likeness and other materials, allegedly.


Mill Street produced and marketed a Hip-inspired beer called “100th Meridian” without the band’s permission.


The Hip alleges that Mill Street misrepresented the band, and used their likeness for-profit, and infringed on the band’s trademarks in creating and marketing the 100th Meridian beer.


This beer has been around since 2014 with the brewery ramping up the promotion of the beer in 2016 around The Hip’s final tour following Downie’s terminal cancer diagnosis.


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The band wrote an open letter to their fans explaining the situation, saying, “We tried to sort it out with Mill Street for months but were unsuccessful. They didn’t take us seriously and were frankly disrespectful.”  They continued,  “We have been around for a long time, and have always been able to work things like this out without a lawsuit. Unfortunately, not this time. We took this step to clear up any confusion once and for all.”


The Huffington Post reports, “the band is seeking at least $500,000 in “punitive, aggravated and exemplary damages,” along with additional damages for copyright infringement. They also call for a court order that would force Mill Street to publicly state that it’s not associated with the band, and remove all social media posts associating the band with its products.”