The US Is Wiping Out Canadian Forest!

Excessive use of TP is wiping out Canadian Forests!

This stinks!  There is a growing demand for toilet paper and its becoming a pain in the butt for Canadian Forestries and other’s around the world…

The U.S.-based Natural Resources Defense Council says the “tree-to-toilet pipeline” will have severe consequences for wildlife, Indigenous communities and the global climate if no action is taken.

Fact: The US leads the world in TP use with the average person using upwards of 141 rolls per year!  This is double the usage of France and Italy…

Canada supplies most of the USA’s TP needs!  Just so you know, Canada has the largest Boreal forest in the world and is also one of the most important forests…

According to the report, Canada’s boreal forest removes enough carbon dioxide and equivalent gases to offset the emissions of 24 million passenger vehicles…  When clear cutting happens, carbon dioxide emissions are huge!

So how can you do your part?

Toilet paper is not the only item that people can clean themselves with. The report says that snow, moss, corncobs and catalogues were all used before toilet paper was popularized in the early 20th century.  If you’re not into any of these things- look for TP brands that have the most recycled content!