The Weeknd Is Spending $7M Of His Own Money On The Super Bowl Halftime Show

He needed a bigger budget!

February 7th will be a night to remember if the Weeknd has anything to do with!


According to reports, the Weeknd has a vision and wants the show to be spectacular for the millions of fans watching at home.


“We’ve been really focusing on dialing in on the fans at home and making performances a cinematic experience, and we want to do that with the Super Bowl,” the singer told


The Super Bowl has always been on the Weeknd’s bucket list according to his co-manager and they are doing everything possible to make it the best show yet!


No details have been given as to what he has planned, all we know is that the budget wasn’t big enough!


Last year’s halftime show was headlined by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira and drew around 102 million viewers.