The Wine Fairy – Ladies Only Surprise Doorstep Drop Off

Fun way for women to spread a little cheer

Doorstep drop offs have become the ultimate way to make smiles and brighten days while surprising loved ones.

And now you can do it for somebody you don’t know, who can then pay-it-forward!

There are Wine Fairy Facebook groups across Ontario. Each you can join through Facebook Group approval, for Barrie and area its Wine Fairy Muskoka & Area.

It’s a fun way for women to spread a little cheer through these difficult times!

How it works:

  1. Find your album with your town name (if there is not an album for your town message one of the admins and they will get that created for you, DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN!
  2. Post your address, along with any allergies
  3. Watch the magic happen

My wife made a surprise drop off today. To take the secrecy one step even further, people are dressing in a fun costume for getting out of the car to leave a doorstep surprise.

  • Wine faries are secret people that go around spreading a little positivity.
  • Think of it as an adult game of “nikki nikki nine doors”
  • You go out purchase wine, chocolate, bath bombs. Honestly anything of your choice.
  • No gift is to small.
  • Deliver the gift to the front door of your choice.
  • Give a quick “knock knock” and run.
  • Anyone can be a wine fairy.
  • Anyone can also be a recipient.
  • The purpose of this group is to have a little fun and help make peoples day.
  • Pay it forward.