The Wonkey Donkey Children’s Book Has Gone Viral

Sold out everywhere, except here...

Thanks to a Scottish Granny’s hysterical and contagious laugh, a previously discontinued book is seeing a reassurance is sales. Since the end of August this video has over 700,00 views.

The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith was published in 2009, book stores weren’t even carrying copies anymore. This has now become 2018’s must-have children’s book.


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This was one of my #favourite #books #thewonkeydonkey #goodmemories #funtimes lots of #laughs xxx

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Amazon is offering paperback copies for $300 and up. Chapters Indigo locations are now taking per-orders of The Wonkey Donkey, it’s $9.99 and will be available October 15th, good luck!