The World According to Brent Butt… In 140 Characters or Less

The best tweets from our favourite person on Twitter

Brett Butt was one of the creators and stars of Corner Gas, a wonderfully quirky comedy set in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. I LOVED the show. My father and brothers loved the show. My university house mate was a big fan too. She even visited the town (Rouleau, Sask.) where they shot the show!

If you’re missing his humour, here’s a selection of Brent Butt in 140 characters or less:


The Truth about The Revenant:

The important questions in life that must be answered:  

Surely you’ve noticed this too:

  Thoughts on the US election primaries:  

The real meaning of ‘crunch time’ :

Sorry to tell you … :    

It’s a fact, huh?:

  His take on an incredible scientific breakthough:  

When ads bum you out:

For me, it’s when I realise I’m singing along to Nickelback … :  

And, his take on sports fans: