The Worst Gifts Received By Couples!

Thanks, Honey?

A Study of 2,000 adults in a relationship found that clothing, shoes and underwear are the gifts that guys most often then not get wrong.

On the flip side, women get it wrong too.  Men confess that they hate receiving aftershave, a music boxset of CD’s they don’t like or a planned romantic trip away- that usually isn’t what they want to do.

The research also explored people’s reactions to terrible gifts and found the women were more likely to tell their partner that they hated the gift.  But women were also better at hinting as to what they would like!

This survey was carried out by a Jewellery company and found that the worst gifts received by couples included, a shoehorn, a toilet seat, a can openers and nail clippers!

Cause nothing says I love you like short toenails.. 

A quarter of couples say that they often opted out of Christmas presents over the fear of getting it wrong. 

Just in case you guys need some help this year… When women were asked what their dream gift would be here’s what they had to say:


A holiday (87%)

A Necklace (81%)

Flowers (81%)

A Ring (80%)

Any type of diamond (78%)




Cleaning equipment

Cooking lessons

And something for the car