The Worst Gifts You Can Give Someone!

Please, no more socks!

A new survey ranked the WORST possible gifts you can get.  And the #1 answer was “there’s no such thing as a bad gift”, which is total crap.

Here are the ten ACTUAL worst gifts you can get, according to the survey.

1.  Shower gel.

2.  Popcorn.  (Anyone who loves those popcorn tins might disagree.)

3.  Socks.

4.  A collection of lotions.

5.  A coffee mug.

6.  Liquor.  (I whole-heartedly disagree with that one.)

7.  Tea.

8.  A candle.

9.  A photo calendar.

10.  Coffee.

The poll also asked people about specific bad gifts they’ve gotten.  The lowlights include a didgeridoo, a huge rubber ducky, a paperclip necklace, aluminum flip-flops, and a box of corks.