UPDATE: Theft Hits Home For Woman

Adult Granddaughter Facing Charges Following Theft Of Family Jewels

Sept. 19th – Barrie Police report the 21-year-old granddaughter had turned herself in to police, handing over a bulk of the jewelry at the time of her arrest. The woman allegedly lead police to a wooded area where the rest of the loot had been discarded.

Sept. 18th – An investigation lead Barrie Police to the granddaughter of an elderly woman who was the victim of theft. Police say the woman reported that her jewelry, totaling a dollar amount of 12-thousand dollars, had been stolen from her safe. Further investigation revealed that the suspect was the granddaughter and that she had dumped the loot in a wooded area. Police were able to recover all of the jewelry and returned it to the victim. The woman’s granddaughter however was arrested and charged.