There are 72 Microseasons in Japan

March 11 - 15 is First Peach Blossoms

We like to joke that there are 11 seasons in Canada.



In Japan, the year is split into 24 major divisions of seasons and each of those is broken down into 3 microseasons for a total of 72 microseasons. The result is poetic meditation on the changing of the seasons.

Here is just some of the ‘poem’:

Beginning of Spring

February 4 -8 East wind melts the ice

February 9-11 Bush warblers start singing in the mountains

Feb 14-18 Fish emerge from the ice


February 19 – 23 Rain moistens the soil

February 24- 28 Mist starts to linger

March 1 – 4 Grass sprouts, trees bud

Insects Awaken

March 6- 10 Hibernating insects surface

March 11- 15 First Peach blossoms

March 16- 20 Caterpillars become butterflies


Beautiful, isn’t it?  Read the whole thing HERE.

What would the “season poem” look like where you live?

If I based it on my backyard, mine would include fierce winds in the winter, ice melting slowly, crocus sprouting, peach tree blossoming, raspberry leaves unfurling, strawberry blossoma and apple blossoms; unfortunately, sightings of baby skunks… sigh