There Are Two Types Of Canadians, Soccer Baseball People and Kickball People

The Canadian Civil War May Be Fought Over A Playground Sport

Battle lines have been drawn across the country as forces on both sides have dug in to wage war over the correct nomenclature for a playground staple. Data blog The 10 and 3 have unveiled some cool infographics on Canadian dialects. It turns out that game we’ve all played at some point, soccer baseball, is called “kickball” by Western Canadians.

And that’s not all.

Canadians differ on terms including pencil crayons (or coloured pencils), pop as opposed to soft drink, and Kraft Dinner vs. mac and cheese. Pick your sides, there is no end in sight for what’s coming this way.

Head over to The 10 and 3 to have your mind blown or experience explosive bouts of rage as you learn what bizarre and foreign names your Canadian neighbours have for things you use or see every day.