There Could Be A Paper Towel Shortage Soon


We’re home more, and cleaning more!


The CEO of Kruger Products says demand for the “quicker picker-upper” is in high demand!  CEO Dino Bianco says the demand for paper towel has soared as people stay at home and clean more frequently!


There is a new plant coming to Sherbrooke, Quebec which will make SpongeTowels paper towel and should be up and running in the new year.  To meet the demand of a potential second wave and the need, they are trying to get the plant up and running faster!


Bianco said the plant will increase the company’s paper towel and toilet paper manufacturing capacity by 20 percent.


Other uses for paper towels!


You can cook bacon in the microwave.
-Simply place bacon side-by-side on a layer of two paper towels and place two more paper towels on top of the bacon. Zap in the microwave at a 1-minute interval for 3-4 minutes until desired crispiness is reached.


Freeze and thaw your bread without a soggy mess!
-Place a paper towel or two inside the bag when its in the freezer. When you thaw the bread, the paper towel will soak up the excess moisture.


Strain Grease From Your Broth.
Corn Cleaner
Softening Hardened brown sugar
Removing rayon marks and other wax
Emergency coffee filter
Blowing your nose!