There Is A “Peak Time” For Cheating -In Case You Were Wondering!

There are ways to tell if your person is cheating

According to Illicit Encounters, a dating site designed for married people looking to have an affair, 6:45pm on Friday is the perfect time!

The naughty dating site surveyed 1,000 people and found that most of them said that after work on Friday evening is the best time to get down to some naughty business!  A social night out with co-workers after a hard week at the office is the perfect excuse according to the survey.

Its thought that the peak affair time happens just after work when people leave the office for the weekend!

In case you were wondering the top 3 days for cheating are Friday, Tuesday and Thursday!  On average, people having affairs were said to see their sidepieces twice a week with Tuesday night being the second most popular night!

Those that cheat say that they stick to a regular routine when cheating because its the best way to keep track of their lies!

The most common excuses cheaters give for coming home late are:

Out with work colleagues
Going to the gym
Seeing an old friend
Being delayed by traffic

If you’re a little suspicious- there are some signs that you can look for:

You have little to no sex
You don’t cuddle at night
You stop saying ‘I love you’
You don’t do things together
You don’t go on ‘dates’
You ‘let yourself go’
Sleeping in different rooms/beds
You criticize one another over little things
You cheated on them/they cheated
You don’t hold hands
Not paying compliments
You don’t cuddle up on the sofa
You opt for sleep over sex
You stop kissing each other goodbye
The thought of having sex with them is revolting
You go to bed at different times
You don’t ‘try as hard’ to look nice for a night out
You stop celebrating anniversaries/special occasions
You’d rather go on holiday with your friends than your partner
You spend more time on social media than talking to your partner