There Is A Personality Type That Makes You More Likely To Binge Drink!

We’ve all got that friend, or family member. You know, the one who will most likely have a little too much to drink!

It’s Office Christmas Party Season!

There is a new study that has discovered why some people are binge drinkers and others can just have a drink or two and be totally satisfied!

The science says, a binge drinker is someone who continues to drink ‘despite it resulting in a negative outcome’. 

Researchers discovered there was a specific circuit in the brain that either simulated or diminished ‘punishment signals’ while drinking.  They determined these findings by studying mice and how booze affected them…

The mice with the binge drinking personality, received fewer punishment signals from their brain circuit when they drank alcohol, which meant they were more likely to develop binging tendencies. 

Mice whose brains simulated punishment, were less likely to develop compulsive behaviour later on.  The study explains that almost a third of adults drink compulsively when presented with alcohol.