There Is Apparently A Proper Way To Remove Eggs From The Carton!

Is there a right way for removing eggs from a carton? 

Do you have a process when you remove eggs from the carton?  Have you ever thought about how you remove the egg?

In case you were wondering,  there are a few ways to do so.

  1. Remove the eggs from right to left!
  2. Remove them left to right!
  3. Alternate the sides so the carton is always balanced . . .
  4. Or do something weird, like taking them from the middle or grabbing them randomly.

    There is someone who tackled this question during a math show on YouTube!  They say the best way is to  remove two eggs at a time, both from opposite sides, to keep the weight in the centre . . . that way, no matter how anyone grabs the carton, it should be balanced so no eggs accidentally fall out.