There Is Now A Gummy You Can Take That Will Protect You Against The Sun’s Harmful UV’s

It's like a vitamin!

We all know the importance of wearing sunblock. But let’s be real, we don’t wear it all the time, even though we know we should. It’s hard for us Canadian’s to think about slathering on sunscreen before we bundle ourselves and the kids up in our winter layers.  We know that just because we don’t see the sun, we know that those damaging UV rays pierce through the clouds and are harmful.

Check this out, there is a gummy for sun protection, that also happens to be vegan.

It’s called Sundots and it relies on ploy podium leucotomos extract- a fern native to tropical and subtropical regions. Apparently, its been used by traditional cultures in Central and South America for centuries and now modern-day studies show that when taken every day- just like a vitamin, the fern helps to provide all-over protection from sun damage by strengthening your skin cells’ ability to resist UV harm. BOOM!

There are already sun protection pills on the market, but this is the first gummy, so its perfect for kids and those who struggle to swallow pills.