There’s A New Dating Site ‘PINDER’ For Your Lonely Pets!

It’s puppy love at first swipe!

There’s a new site devoted to finding love for your four-legged friend. The site is called Pinder and is a play on the popular dating app Tinder.


It’s a swipe left, or swipe right for your pooch!

Animals looking for love include a pooch named Max from Seattle dressed as a postman, a Brooklyn-based terrier named Charlie rocking a “Where’s Waldo” suit, a pig named Lucy who’s based in Austin and loves to snack on cabbage.


The site was created for a pet to find friends, but it may also help pet parents find love.  This site also can help animal owners hoping to breed their pets. 


Users can create a profile for their pets but uploading a photo, a location, and a favourite snack!