There’s A New Product At Walmart That’s Causing Confusion

They are to die for!

Funeral potatoes is an easy to make potato casserole mix that people don’t really know what to make off…

The product is made by Augason Farms, a brand which calls itself the leader in emergency food storage, survival gear and water storage. The bagged potatoes are also available on Amazon.

As ominous as the product’s name might sound, the product are a comfort food, usually made with potatoes, cheese, onions, a cream-based soup and a crunchy topping made with chips or cornflakes.

So why the “funeral” nod in the name? It comes from the tradition (mostly in the South and Midwest) of the creamy dish being a popular casserole served at post-funeral receptions and dinners.

Funeral potatoes are about $10 a pack…