There’s a New Reality TV Series Coming Out, And You Won’t Believe Who It’s About

Is Mariah really the Diva people make her out to be? We'll soon find out!

Mariah Carey is known for behaving like a diva, and for having some pretty strange demands. From puppies to kittens and even a special attendant to dispose of used chewing gum. Now we’re learning that even her billionaire fiance has to abide to her unpredictable behavior and outlandish rules.

Rumour has it Mariah recently threw her fiance James Packer’s laptop out a window when he turned on Beyonce’s Crazy In Love to get her in the mood, and has since demanded that she be the only female Pop star whose music is played on his premises.

Is this the real Mariah, or are all these stories just a fabrication? We might soon find out, as she’s starring in a new 8-part reality series for E! Check out the trailer here:

Image via Disney/ABC Television Group