There’s A New Show Coming “Murder House Flip”

It’s a show that you didn’t know you needed.

“Murder House Flip” is exactly what it sounds like: a home makeover show that takes on house where a murder has happened.

People love True Crime and home reno shows- so why not combine them?    The show will is being produced by the CSI people and will be available for streaming next April.

According to the press release, people can expect a new home improvement show with a cast made up of forensic specialists, spiritual healers and high-end renovation experts. 

“(They’ll) uncover the crimes, shocking secrets and scandalous history of the homes.”  And like any reno show, there will be some pretty gritty hard work involve.  Although removing blood stains my be more gruesome than removing an old toilet!

Oh, and one more thing.  The show will be released in a short-form content, meaning each episode will be 10 minutes instead of 30 or 60 minutes.