There’s Now A Nightlight That Will Tell You When Someone Tweets You Overnight

You will never sleep again!

So you wake up in the middle of the night… You pee and then you check your phone, don’t you? Or perhaps if you sleep through the night, the first thing you do is check your phone, right?

Ever wish your night’s sleep was broken up by knowing that someone has tweeted you or posted on your Facebook wall in the middle of the night?

Here it is! A nightlight that lets you know if you’ve got any social media notifications….

Here’s the tiny light that will destroy your life!

The wifi light can be linked to all kinds of things, like social media, smart locks and your thermostat. Plug it into any USB port or wall plug, link it up to the Aumi app, and away you go on the one-way road to never sleeping again.

Want to know when someone responds to a flagged email? If someone retweets you? If it’s about to rain? Aumi can let you know. You can also adjust the brightness and colours via the app.

If you want it, it’s on Kickstarter