There’s Now A Pooper Scooper Robot!

It’s like the Roomba for dog poo!

The robot will find, detect and automatically pick up your dog’s poo!  One of the many responsibilities of having a dog, picking up their crap (kinda like kids.)

Sure when you’re out walking your dog, you have a little bag handy, but when you let fido out into the back yard, it’s usually a crapping free-for-all until you finally pull yourself together, grabbing the bucket and shovel for a serious clean up!

But no more my friends, no more!

A company has gone ahead and invented a robot that detects and automatically scoops up your dog’s poop.

According to the article, the machine, called Beetl, is equipped with computer vision and front cameras to help them seek out the dog sh*t, and once it lays eyes on the faeces, the robot moves directly over it and uses a mechanical claw to scoop it up.

The robot is currently in the testing stage, sorry Amazon Prime people!