These May Be Considered The Most Important Inventions Of All Time!

Radio just missed the Top 10 at #11.  

A new survey ranked the 20 most important inventions of all time.

Here are the top ten inventions in order.

1.  Electricity.  Or technically, harnessing electricity.

2.  The telephone.

3.  Vaccines.

4.  The lightbulb.

5.  The Internet.

6.  TV.

7.  Computers.

8.  Cars.

9.  Anesthesia.  (Before 1846, they just drugged people up with opiates or got them drunk.)

10.  Airplanes.

Radio is 11th.  Here’s the rest of the Top 20 that ranked lower:  Steam-engine trains, cameras, the printing press, clocks, optical lenses, the compass, boats, helicopters, and tractors.