They can’t tie their shoes, but they can work a smart phone.

How old should you be when you learn to tie your shoes?

This week in research designed to inspire huge amounts of concern over our screen addictions, apparently children are more likely to be able to use a smartphone than they are to know how to tie their shoes.

A study of 2,200 mums in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and Europe has found that while 19% of children aged between two and five could use a smartphone, 9% could tie their laces.

The study also found that more children can play a computer game than ride a bike.

I have to admit, up until recently, I enabled my kids by buying them shoes with no laces… (Kinda backfired anyways, cause the shoes are really hard to put on)



Kids have now learned to rely on YouTube tutorials to guide them through life; instead of their parents! Sad, but true…

Computer games and smartphones are fairly easy to use independently, offering built-in guides and helpful tips.

Learning to ride a bike or tie your shoes requires time from a parent, teacher, or a YouTube tutorial.

A kid’s shoes won’t guide them through the process. There aren’t labelled buttons that are easily clickable.

As a result, shoe shops in Australia are now hosting lessons for shoelace-tying, to help out overworked parents who don’t feel they have time to teach their kids’ how to tie shoes.