They Thought He Was Drunk, Who Knew She Was Hiding in the Trunk?

Man Facing Stolen Property Charges, Woman Accused of Missing Court

A Barrie couple have plenty of explaining to do after cops made a pretty unusual discovery during a DUI investigation. Police were called to an Anne St. parking lot around 6:30 Wednesday night with reports of a possibly impaired driver touring around the lot. Police found the vehicle in question and say the validation stickers didn’t match, while there was a bag with stolen goods and a banned knife in the front seat. Imagine the officers’ faces when, about an hour later, they found a woman hiding in the trunk of the car. She told police she was hiding because she wasn’t his girlfriend, but police say another reason may have been the court order that she was under not to associate with the driver. A 24-year-old man is charged with Possession of a Weapon and Stolen Goods, while she’s accused of Breaching Bail and Failing to Attend Court.