Things Mom’s Say To Their Kids Over A Long Weekend!

"Stop it," don't punch your brother, stop picking your nose!

How was your long weekend?  We don’t get many long weekends through the sunny months, so we want to make the most of it.  It’s family time, cottage time, visiting with friends time.  And during that time, the kids are hyped up and very excited!  Over this past long weekend, Charlie ended up saying a few things to her kids…

Things that Mom’s say to the kids on a long weekend!


I don’t care if you’re bored- find something to do outside.
-No Playstation its a beautiful day-

What are we doing this weekend? Nothing; mommy’s drinking and you’re going to be less annoying them usual.

What is in your ear? Is that mud or Nutella?

Don’t pull down your brother’s pants- I don’t care if you want to see if you both have matching bums…

You need a shower! Because you’re disgusting! You smell like bug spray and cookies…

I didn’t mean that you actually smelled when I said: “Stop hanging around like a bad smell”….