Things Mom’s will do once the kids go back to school!

Ah, freedom. It's been a long, and busy summer.

Between baseball camps and daycare, playdates and hectic family vacations, you haven’t had a second to rest.

Now that it’s time for the kids to go back to school, you’ve got a to-do list longer than your arm, but it’s probably not the same as the one you’ve been telling people about.

Sure, you’ll get to all the house stuff that you’ve been putting off, laundry, cleaning out kids closets, swapping out summer stuff for fall stuff-  But for now, you have six hours of me-time five days a week. If you’re anything like 3, this is how you’re going to spend it.


1. Take a shower

A serious stand there and let the water hit your face for a long time shower. A shower with no one yelling from outside the door, in fact; you may even take a bath….
2. Enjoy a coffee

Remember when you use to sit and catch up on morning TV or read some social media trash with a hot cup of coffee. You can now have the luxury back- Coffee is no longer for a quick wake me up, or “I better have this coffee so I don’t kill my kids”… Now that coffee can even be a latte’!


3. Read a book.

The only thing you’ve been reading this summer are instructions for how to inflate a giant rubber play thing for the pool, or perhaps a bill that you still haven’t paid.



You have a summer’s worth of grown-up TV shows saved on your DVR. Think you can clear it out by the first week of school. Ok perhaps the first month if you have Netflix.
5. Take a nap

Nap it up good- and where ever you want- cause there’s no one there to disturb you. (side note, unplug the landline so those ROBO calls don’t interrupt you….

6. Eat whatever you want

All summer you had to share you food… Swing by your favourite guilty pleasure and stuff your face.

Even hit the grocery store- for a couple of things, instead of a massive cart. Because now you can do it without a tantrum or a kid begging for a bun….You can even try on clothing at Joe Fresh… This will be epic!


7. Afternoon Acceptance

Around 2:30- start to shut her down…The kids will be coming home soon. There will be forms to fill out, lunches to unpack and repack and probably some type of sport to go to. Don’t forget- Dinner! Oh, crap! Just remember, for all the running around you do- there is always another weekday morning!

Happy school year Moms! Love Charlie