Things that are disappearing because millennials refuse to pay for them

Times are changing...

For what it’s worth, every generation gets judged for something.  The Baby Boomers were a bunch of hippies,  the Gen X’ers got labelled as slackers, and the stereotype attached to millennials is that they are wiping away the old way of doing things (even though nothing is wrong with it).

So what are millennials refusing to buy that may actually cause these things to disappear?

Eating Cereal!  

For kids of the 90’s eating cereal and watching your Saturday morning cartoons was a weekly ritual!  Fast forward to now, and apparently those same kids now find eating cereal an inconvenient breakfast choice because they had to clean up after eating it. Enter Avocado toast!


No More I Do’s….

Research reveals that younger people are deciding they don’t need to get married, and if they do; it won’t be until later in life.


Sales of recliners and comfy chairs are up

Millennials are going out to the movies less and instead staying home and streaming online- there has been a huge spike in sales for in home theatre entertainment including comfy chairs.


No need for cars- They are seen as more of a burden…

One interesting stat is that millennials are waiting longer than ever to get their licenses, something automakers are entirely shocked to discover.


Bars of soap are so over! 

The name of the game in personal hygiene is body wash! Go ask a millennial what a soap dish is!  A MarketWatch report said that 60 percent of adults 18-24 think that soap bars become covered with germs after using it.


Who Needs A Gym?

It’s no secret the millennials love staying in shape, but they aren’t doing it traditionally. The gym is the thing of the past as younger people prefer “boutique studio classes, online streaming services, running clubs, CrossFit gyms” and other out of the norm ways of keeping their muscles toned according to the New York Post.


No More Beer here!

At a certain age, beer became a staple in your fridge… But now, millennials and the generation behind them are more into pot than alcohol, yes! Drinking beer is becoming less popular to the point where it may become something people frown upon in the future


Other things this generation is doing is making the To-Go option more popular then dining out!  Why go out when it will come to you with the likes of Grub Hub and Uber Eats.   And speaking of food- Millennials killed the napkin industry…. They don’t buy them but instead use paper towels…