Things That Everyone Is Secretly Guilty Of Doing

We've all done it!

In a world where everyone is trying to one up each other, every one is offended and people seem more entitled then ever- the truth is, we’re all still human and are more alike then not… For example: 

These are some things that we have all done, which makes us more similar than not:

For example:


Lowering the music in the car so you can see better…

Searching for your phone while holding it 


Seeing an outrageous price on something at a store and pretending you’re sill considering it

Eating a family size bag of chips by yourself

Pretending a bare wrapping paper tube is a lightsaber

Bringing a book to the beach and not actually reading it

Reading directions on a food box, tossing it the trash- then fishing it out of the trash because you forgot everything you just read

Sitting on your bed in a towel for longer than necessary

Carrying way too much from your car so you can make it in one trip

Lying to the doctor when they ask you about your alcohol consumption

Coming home to an empty house and feeling immense relief

Checking your symptoms online and convincing yourself you’re going to die

Hitting the elevator button multiple times

Pulling back the shower curtain just to make sure three are no serial killers hiding behind it

Rehearsing a conversation in your head that you’ll probably never have…