Things That People Should Have Realized Earlier, But Didn’t – So They Felt Dumb!

Mind Blowing!

Ever have one of those moments, when you realize something pretty obvious, but it’s something you probably should have already known?

Here are some “duh” moments….


From Winnie the Pooh- “Eeyore” is the sound a donkey makes…

  • “I realized that T-shirts are called that because they make the shape of a capital T.”
  • “sunflower seeds come from actual sunflowers.”
  • “Macintosh is actually a type of apple…then I realized why Apple the company named their computers ‘Macintosh’ and it’s actually quite clever!”
  • Sit-com stands for situational comedy

Pickles are cucumbers

  • A pony is its own animal, its not a baby horse
  • Cigarettes are called that because they are just small cigars

“That fortnight is a shortened form of ‘fourteen nights.’”

  • Reindeer are not just magical animals…

That Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget is actually Chief Quimby…

  • The little arrow on your gas gauge tells you which side of the car the tank is on?

“The piggy in ‘This Little Piggy’ didn’t go to the market to go shopping. … I’m still horrified.”

  • “The mommy in that Christmas song wasn’t cheating with Santa but instead, it’s the dad dressed in a Santa Claus costume. That’s why ‘I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.’”

Thanks Buzz Feed!